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Fierce, Trial-Tested Advocacy from a Former Prosecutor

When you're staring down an overbearing criminal justice system and a prosecutor that has the resources and backing of the government, turn to the defense attorney that other attorneys and law firms across the nation go to for legal training and education. Turn to Mulembo Law PLLC and benefit from highly knowledgeable and experienced advocacy. Attorney Tamara Mulembo has the insight, passion, and trial skills to level the playing field for you, empowering you to be able to make decisions for your defense and future in the legal arena.

A tireless advocate, Attorney Mulembo brings more than 17 years of legal experience to each client's defense. In that time, she has served over a thousand clients. She always advocates for their interests with authenticity, diligence, and compassion. She is a trial lawyer to her core, able to negotiate respectfully and effectively, but if it comes to it, the boxing gloves will come on and she will do battle for her clients, fighting for their rights and their futures.

What Should You Do if You're Arrested?

Being arrested can be a distressing and confusing experience. At Mulembo Law PLLC, we understand the importance of knowing your rights and taking appropriate steps to protect yourself. Here's what you should do if you find yourself facing arrest:

  • Remain Calm and Cooperative: It's crucial to stay calm and collected during an arrest. Refrain from resisting, arguing, or engaging in any confrontations with law enforcement officers.
  • Invoke Your Right to Remain Silent: You have the right to remain silent, as stipulated by the Miranda rights. Politely and clearly state that you wish to remain silent and that you want an attorney present before answering any questions. This helps protect your interests and prevents any potentially self-incriminating statements.
  • Request an Attorney: As soon as possible, explicitly request the presence of a Tucson criminal defense attorney. This ensures that you have legal representation during any questioning or legal proceedings.
  • Avoid Self-Incrimination: While it's important to remain cooperative, be cautious about providing information that may be used against you. Stick to essential details and avoid volunteering unnecessary information. Let your attorney guide you on what to disclose during questioning.
  • Document the Arrest: If possible, take note of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Record the names and badge numbers of the arresting officers, the time and location of the arrest, and any potential witnesses. This information can be valuable for your defense and may help establish a timeline of events.

Remember, being arrested does not mean you are automatically guilty. With the right legal support, you can navigate the legal process with confidence. Mulembo Law PLLC is here to fight for your rights and ensure a fair and just outcome.

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Whether you've been charged with a first-time misdemeanor or a federal crime, you need a defender at the forefront of Federal juvenile delinquency cases, or you need a versatile trial lawyer to handle your appeal, you've come to the right place. At Mulembo Law PLLC, you can find the uncompromising legal representation you need and deserve. Please don't hesitate to get time and a powerful legal advocate on your side.

Contact our Tucson criminal defense firm today to start discussing your case, your legal options, and how we may be able to approach building your defense.

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Meet Tamara Mulembo The Champion for Your Rights

If you've been charged in federal or state court, hit with a Grand Jury subpoena, or need representation as a material witness, you can rely on Tamara's years of negotiation and trial experience to help you reach the best possible outcome.

Tucson Criminal Defense Firm Ready to Fight for You

No criminal charge is too complex or serious for Attorney Mulembo. She has provided powerhouse defense in high-profile cases in both state & federal court, including death penalty cases.

A Bilingual Criminal Attorney

Proven Defense for Both English & Spanish Speakers

In everything from complex fraud cases and homicide charges to drug trafficking and sex crime offenses, Attorney Mulembo has successfully represented English- and Spanish-speaking clients alike. She has defended clients at every phase of criminal proceedings, running the investigations and handling felony trials, and she has been able to do so while speaking the language that her clients are most comfortable with.

Attorney Mulembo has also provided counsel and defense for children involved in Federal Juvenile Delinquency Act cases across the country. She is well-prepared to handle complex cases, all while ensuring that no matter the details of each case, she can provide the bilingual guidance her clients can rely on. Find out for yourself why our Tucson criminal defense lawyer is the right choice for your representation.

Integrity. Experience. Results.

Trusted by Clients. Highly Respected by Peers.

    "Above All, A Fighter."

    She is intelligent, and she dives deep into her cases to find areas to litigate that other lawyers would not even consider.

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    "Brilliant, Dynamic, and Dedicated"

    Tamara Mulembo is an exceptional lawyer with excellent analytical skills and an aptitude for powerful written and oral advocacy.

    - Peer Review
    "Strong Sense of Ethics and Wisdom"

    Tamara's dedication to her craft is evident in her work product.

    - Peer Review

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