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A restraining order is a court order that prohibits a person from engaging in certain actions. This order most commonly prohibits a person from directly or indirectly contacting the person who petitioned for the order, and may even prohibit a person from certain residences or places of work. If a restraining order is being filed against you and you're being accused of violating its terms, contact Mulembo Law PLLC today. Our Tucson criminal defense attorney brings more than 17 years of proven legal experience to help you protect your reputation, rights, and future.

She has extensive experience in evidentiary hearings on behalf of individuals accused of violating restraining orders, as well as victims seeking to enforce protective orders.

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If you're facing the possibility of a criminal conviction and all the consequences that will follow you in life because of it, you need to know that you have a proven advocate in your corner. With Attorney Tamara Mulembo, you can be confident that you have a trial lawyer who will battle for your rights and future with integrity, passion, and diligence.

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